Marti Hill’s Story

I was left for dead, crumpled in a five-foot-wide pool of blood, my throat and neck cut in three places. My skull broken, my face beaten, unable to be recognized by my own mother, my own children.

Against all odds, I survived. Yet, it’s taken me eight years to find the courage to write Millimeter from Murder: The Anatomy of a Survivor, a 70,000 word memoir of my long and distressing recovery, the hunt for my would-be killer, and the redemption I found as a survivor and now, advocate for women’s safety awareness.

My story focuses not just on the fact of this crime, but in the way a community resolved to serve justice, and I resolved to do good by it.


Speak Out: Your Story Matters

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Since the attack, Marti has made it her mission and passion to speak out and share her story. At her talks, Marti shares what she has learned in hopes of helping others heal and avoid potential dangerous situations.


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